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Four Ways Carpet Can Set the Mood Inside Your Home

If you’ve been wanting to replace the Houston carpet in your older home, or add a bit of class to a newer one, hardwood flooring is one of the best choices in terms of looks, durability, and improving the resale value of your home.


Hardwood floors are beautiful, easy to maintain, and if they become worn after years of use, they can be refinished and will be good as new. Thanks to innovations in technology and manufacturing, hardwood flooring comes in a wider variety of choices than every more. Your first four decisions are unfinished, factory finished, solid, and engineered wood.



With unfinished wood flooring, you choose your wood first, and the professional installer will sand the planks down and install the finish you’ve chosen on the job site after installation. Choosing unfinished wood flooring is an excellent choice if you have a specific color you’d like the wood finished, or you have existing wood flooring in the house you’d like it to match.


This is also extremely beneficial in making certain that your new wood floors will match your preferred amount of maintenance, and the amount of foot traffic going through that room.


The finishes you can choose from can make a huge difference, and you have a ton of choices!  From water-based, oil-based, acid-cured, Moisture-cured, Wax, Acrylic impregnated, UV cured, as well as penetrating and hardening oils, you can customize your hardwood floor to be a one of a kind perfect fit for your home.


Factory finished wood flooring is exactly what it sound like; the planks of wood have already been sanded and finished in the factory, so your choices will be limited to what’s already done, and it will be much harder to match to any existing wood flooring you have in your house.  However, the benefits of wood flooring that’s already been finished is the ease of installation, and the ability to walk on your new floors without waiting for the finish to dry.  This is a fantastic choice if you don’t have a particular finish you’d prefer, and don’t want a lot of downtime for that room in your house while you wait for the finish to dry.


Solid wood flooring is just that – solid wood from top to bottom, that can be sanded and refinished several times during its life in your home.  This is beneficial if you decide to change the color, or finish, at a later date.


Engineered wood is flooring made from pressing wood veneers together and compressing them tightly. The main benefit of engineered wood is that the grain of each veneer is running in different directions, increases its stability. This keeps the wood from expanding and contracting during changes in humidity and temperature.


At this point, it may seem like the choices in wood flooring is almost overwhelming, but the truth is that it’s no more difficult than choosing a new carpet, or vinyl flooring.  The main difference is the durability, lifespan, and aesthetics in investing in a wood floor. The initial cost may seem high, but the long term payoff to the benefits of hardwood flooring are priceless. Let’s look at the top three;


It’s an Investment


It seems expensive in the beginning, but when you look at the long-term benefits, it’s money well spent. Hardwood flooring last the entire time you own your home, and is easy to maintain.  Forget vacuuming the entire house ever again, Hardwood floors need no more than a quick sweeping every week, and a good mopping every once in awhile. Hardwood floors don’t have crevices or grout to attract or trap dirt like tiles do, so they stay cleaner, longer.


They’re Just Plain Beautiful


Let’s face it, real hardwood floors have a certain timeless beauty to them that makes them transform any room into a work of art.  Wood that has settled into a home and become a part of what defines it makes that room seem somewhere more polished, more refined, and elevates your home from ho-hum ordinary, to something exceptional. In addition, hardwood floors improve the acoustics in any room, never sounding ‘hollow’ or echoing the way that vinyl flooring can.  The absence of these discordant reverberations make the room feel more peaceful, and pleasant to hold conversations in.


It Improves the Indoor Air Quality


The flooring inside a home makes a difference when it comes to air quality. There isn’t any reason why some of your rooms should have Houston carpet and others, hardwood.  The same is true for tile floors where grout has been collecting dirt, dust, and pollen…sometimes for years.  Hardwood flooring has no fibers, embossing, or grout that can trap pollen, dust, particles, allergens, and animal dander. This makes it ideal for individuals with allergies or sensitivities to smell.


Hardwood flooring may initially seem expensive, but the long term benefits, beauty, and durability make it the best choice if you want to add a timeless look to the favorite rooms in your house.

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An Outdoor Movie Night

As the weather gets warmer, you may be thinking of ways to entertain outdoors. One surefire way is by hosting an outdoor movie night. You can either invite friends, or keep it in the family. You have the pleasure that is similar to watching a drive-thru movie without having to pay for tickets or look for parking. Plus, there is nothing better than watching an entertaining movie under the stars. One way to make sure you don’t have any trees or shrubs getting in the way is with Houston land clearing. Now, you’ll have the perfect spot to place your screen. There is no need to pass up the opportunity to experience visual storytelling in a communal environment.


Movie invitations


One idea to get into the movie theme is to to send illustrated invitations from some of Hollywood’s most beloved films such as “Casablanca” or “Gone With the Wind.” You might even design the inside of the invitation to look like a movie ticket that guests can turn in when they arrive. If you decide to invite families, make sure to give a synopsis of the film and play something family friendly.


The screen


You can use a projection screen or a large, wireless TV screen. On the other hand, you can create your own movie screen with an inexpensive, king-size, flat and white bedsheet. You’ll have to tack the top and bottom onto thin strips of wood. After that, you want to drill holes at the top in order to hang it from the side of a house, garage or any other structure large enough to hang a screen. You’ll then need a home theater system that includes speakers and a DVD player strong enough to broadcast outside. In addition, you’ll need a video projector to connect to the DVD player to project the movie. You can use a stool, chair or blocks to prop up the projector. Test it out before your guests arrive to ensure maximum satisfaction.




When it comes to an outdoor movie night, you don’t need to provide much more than a basket of blankets and quilts, in case people get chilly, lawn chairs and blankets for seating. The important thing is to arrange the seating so everyone can comfortably watch the movie. You wouldn’t want to sit chairs in front of people that choose to sit on blankets. So, place the blankets down first, then place chairs behind them. In addition, you can create vintage marquee signs by placing printable letters on pieces of foam core–then, taping poster board to the back to give it some structure. You can also cut holes in the foam core and screw globe lights in the back, then plug them in. Make sure the lighting is dark enough to see the movie, but you still need some light for function and ambiance.


Food and drinks


First and foremost, any movie viewing needs popcorn and lots of it. For added fun, movie theater style boxes for popcorn can be found at most party stores. Furthermore, you want to stock up on movie theater size boxes of candy. Then, you should also serve hot dogs in red plastic baskets. You can forget plates of nachos, ice cream treats and sodas. You can also create a food theme. To illustrate, if you’re showing “Lady and the Tramp,” you might want to serve spaghetti. Another point of interest is with a movie viewing in your backyard, it might be akward for guests to get up for more snacks. To alleviate that, you could have someone come around with a tray of goodies every so often so that they can refill on popcorn or anything else.




Most modern movies no longer have intermissions, but these can be fun at a backyard movie party. This way, your guests can talk, use the facilities and load up on goodies. You can also have play a song or have kids perform a dance during intermission.




One reason why people stay indoors is because of bugs. Although, this doesn’t have to hamper your fun plans. You can start by spraying the area. When guests arrive, have plenty of bug spray available that they can spray before heading to your backyard and as needed throughout the night. You don’t have to use anything harsh, there are many natural options including lights and candles that repel bugs too.


Get your neighbors involved


When hosting an outdoor movie, there is the potential of disturbing your neighbors. This probably isn’t your intention, but you can prevent any misunderstandings by getting your neighbors involved. Let them know of your plans ahead of time. If they sound interested, you might even think of inviting them to the night of fun and entertainment.


Houston land clearing helps you have a clear and level space for any type of activity. The next steps are up to you.


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Get Your Koi Pond Ready for Warmer Spring Temperatures

There isn’t any doubt that you need to prepare your Koi fish pond for weather changes, and spring is in the air! There are items you need to get before your pond starts warming up. Who needs the added stress of last-minute shopping and preparation? With this list, you’ll be ready for spring in style.




During the spring, you have to do partial water changes. It is an essential part of keeping your Koi fish in top health. What you’ll need to help you is a dechlorinator. You need more than the tiny bit left from the bottle from last year.


Fish food


You have to start feeding your fish again once the water hits 50 F consistently–hence the need for fish food. You want to start with cold water food until the water stays above 60 F at night. Your fish need to start with cold water food until their metabolisms get higher after the cold. You want to ensure you have high-quality fish food on hand. You don’t want to run to a local store and settle for low-quality fish food. You need something easy for your Koi fish to digest.




This can be a large problem in a pond. First, they block the sun’s light from penetrating the water–which, kills water-cleaning algae. Without algae, unhealthy algae blooms grow, sludge layers grow and so does anaerobic bacteria which is toxic to fish, turtles and other plants. First, you must skim out as much duckweed as possible. Using a pond net, you have one right, or a pool skimmer or fine fishing net works best. It helps to do this on a windy day when plants are pushed more to one side of the pond, the wind helps with the workload.


Although, this isn’t a permanent solution. You need to keep the duckweed from taking over. You can do so with a simple fountain. The purpose of fountains is to agitate the surface, which makes it harder for the duckweed to survive and spread. The next thing fountains do is aerate the water, which gives the healthy aerobic algae an opportunity to remove some of the additional nutrients that allow duckweed to thrive. Next, you might want to get a bubble aerator. It works like a fountain, but is better at deep aeration. It is also beneficial for keeping a Koi pond healthy in a larger body of water.


Pond necessities


Your pond needs to find its balance during weather changes. If your pond’s ecosystem is suffering, this can start many water health problems. Since you’re into preparation, you won’t have to worry about any of those issues. In addition to a partial water change and cleaning your pond of organic debris and sludge, you’ll need new, clean filter media and natural water additives.


Protection from the sun


You need to protect your skin all year round from the sun. After spending a winter mostly inside, your skin is more vulnerable. As you’re working on your pond, don’t forget to keep from getting burned. So, keep your sun block on hand and liberally applied.



As water gets warmer, it holds less dissolved oxygen. As a result, you have to do everything you can to make sure your water gets a steady oxygen supply. You may improve shade to your pond, to help manage water temperatures, but there aren’t many pond designs that work with this solution. You could do a partial water change in the warmest part of the day, but your Koi fish won’t be happy with rapid temperature shifts.


In addition, warmer temperatures means more plants, algae and fish playing. With increased metabolisms, more oxygen is needed. Your plants do add oxygen to the water, but they take oxygen out when there is no sun–during the night. Warm nights are when your pond needs a mechanical means of adding oxygen. As more plants are growing, there are also more plants dying and adding to the unhealthy sludge slayer. If you live in a relatively cool area, you don’t have to worry. If you live in a warmer area, you need to get some work done. This is where the above tip of a high-quality aerator offers a wide variety of benefits to your overall pond and fish health. It’s the first thing novice pond owners need to get.


Troubleshoot your pond pump


If you have a pump failure, there are several things you can do. First, check water flow to the pump. Is anything, such as rocks or debris, keeping water from getting to your pump? Does your pond have low water. Then, makes sure the pump does not have an air bubble trapped in the volute, the main internal space of the pump. Tilt the pump underwater so that the intake is upward and the air bubble can escape.

Then, you’ll want to ensure your pump is getting electricity.


After that, you’ll want to inspect your pump for any large pieces of debris. In addition, if your impeller isn’t spinning, you can jumpstart your pump. You would unplug the pump and carefully give the impeller help with a screwdriver. Plug it back in to ensure the impeller is spinning. If so, unplug it again and re-install it.


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Why so much fuss with the robotic pool cleaners?

Why so much fuss with the robotic pool cleaners?

The 21st century has witnessed a lot of growth in the human development .This has come in different fronts globally. With an increase in the number of pool s being constructed in both homes and other several relaxation spots, the need for an effective partner in cleaning has been such a necessity. With several inventions of the pool cleaning appliances, the need for a machine that can work independently cannot be understated.

Robotic pool cleaners use a motor which is used to drive the machine making them be able to perform larger tasks in comparison to the manual cleaners. The manual cleaners also require a lot of supervision which can be done away with when the robotic pool cleaners are used.

The programmable micro chips which is usually fitted in most robotic pool cleaners makes the programmable to set flexible pool cleaning time making them to be able to ensure that the pool is clean at all times

Robotic pool cleaners are some of the most unique inventions given that they can clean from under the water with good navigation. Most of the robotic pool cleaners are plug and play appliances which are switched on and dipped into the swimming pool.

In addition the robotic pool cleaners offer man the luxury of not worrying about pool safety with most of them abler to determine the chemical level of the pool and filter all the impurities from the swimming pool

Unlike the manual pool cleaning machines, robotic pool cleaning saves both human and electric energy through several cost effective gadgets which in return makes them economically sustainable.

The time taken by the robotic pool cleaning machines to clean an average sized pool is very short compared to the manual pool cleaning machines. The most remarkable on the robotic pool cleaning devices is their wall climbing ability and the efficiency with which they work in keeping the swimming pool clean through removal of all debris.

With the creativity of man and more quests for good living conditions, there is set to be more growth in the use of robotic pool cleaning machine usage.

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November Birthstone

November Birthstone

Were you born in November? If yes, did you know that the month when you were born matches to a birthstone (a special gemstone) and a zodiac sign?

If you never heard about this until now, I guess it is time to check a few interesting details about the November Birthstone. If you follow me, you will actually find out some exciting details about yourself and about your role in this cosmic universe.

Twelve months. Twelve horoscope signs. Twelve birthstones. Trust me all the tree have a strong connection among each other not only showing the date when you were born, but also what kind of traits were given to you in the moment of your birth.

Personality traits under the horoscope signs is quite popular, though it is really tricky to see whether these ancient wisdoms are still applicable nowadays. Children of November were born under the sign of Scorpion and Sagittarius. The starts say that the scorpion has as personality traits: loyalty, passions, observance; energy, and dynamism, while Sagittarius is characterized by the starts with the following attributes as being: generous, restless, excellent friend, sincere in relationships, too talkative, overconfident, philosophical, optimistic, intellectual and adventurous.

Let’s see which personality traits occur again under the November Birthstone. Firstly topaz is the gem associated with the November Birthstone. As the other 11 birthstones Topaz also has a strong meaning and significance, reflecting some of the traits about the owner.

Topaz is a soothing empathetic stone, which directs energy to the place it is most needed. It heals and energizes. It is a promoter of truth, forgiveness, true love, trust, success, confidence, personal power, stamina, leadership, psychic knowledge, tranquility and communication.

As a matter of fact we can draw the conclusion that, between the horoscope sings and the birthstones indeed exists a strong relation.

Though under the November Birthstone two zodiac signs are present, the color of the stones are also much diversified. Some of the topaz gems are blue colored whereby it mostly matches with the Sagittarius man’s personality traits, other topaz stones like the golden colored ones are a perfect match for the Scorpion man. 

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The aquabot automatic pool cleaning services

The aquabot automatic pool cleaning services

Among the pool cleaning machine manufacturers, a subsidiary of fluidra which acquired the flagship brand in 2011 one of the most striking is the aquabot pool cleaning services which began as a pool cleaning service provider. Having seen the market needs during the scope of providing the services, the aquabot pool cleaning services are said to have come up with the first robotic pool cleaner by the year1982.

The company aim over the years has been towards giving its customers a more enjoyable pool experience through the most innovative service delivery. This has always made the company be on its toes in developing new ideas in pool cleaning and the accompanying equipment needs in the market. With this in mind, the company has always ventured in both the commercial and residential pool services.

The robotic cleaners manufactured by aqua robotic pool cleaning manufacturers are said to offer better cleaning experiences by removing more debris and other finer particles and thus helps reduce the need for use of chemicals like chlorine in the pool. The pool cleaning by aquabot has over the decades kept to the company aim of “keep it fresh”. Aquabot also offer the most comprehensive machine ranges in the market which include innovative pumps, and has the best filtration mechanism in the industry. In addition the aquabot robotic pool cleaning machines are fitted with a 4WD mechanism making it easily move in the pool in any direction. The aquabot machines are the only ones fitted with the power washing jets aimed at pressure washing the pool floor, loosening the debris and helping save time and energy.

The aquabot robotic pool cleaning service provider focuses most of its attention in the customer component, providing clean pool water for its clients is the priority because of the belief that clean water guarantees health and protection of the pool users against infection.

With all the positive attributes the aquabot brand has built, there is no doubt that the aquabot automatic pool cleaners are a good bargain. The aquabot products thus cannot be wished away where pool cleanliness is concerned

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Listing of Birthstones & June Birthstone Details

Listing of Birthstones & June Birthstone Details

There is no specific source but most of the gemstone experts say that the first birthstones listings may have been created by the clever Jewish gem traders in Poland. They made it more popular by including them in poetries. It proved to be a very good way of advertising and in 1870 the renowned jewelry business corporation Tiffany & Co. had published a number of Gregorian Birthstone Poems. They also added specific qualities to the gems while they were coordinated with 12 months of the year. The listing starts with the garnet for January, the amethyst for February, the aquamarine for March, the diamonds are for April, the emerald for May, the pearl is for June, the ravishing ruby for July, the peridot is for August, the sumptuous sapphire for September, the opal for October, the topaz for November and the turquoise for December.

If you are a June-born then the pearl which is a symbol of femininity and pure heart is your birthstone. They are also believed to be connected with happy and successful married life. An ancient Greek myth says that the goddess of love Aphrodite’s tears of joy got hardened and became pearls. Pearl means the gem of the sea because Aphrodite was born from the sea. There are some types of pearls available and they are – saltwater, freshwater, cultured or faux. Most of the pearls found nowadays are cultured; it means that into the mollusk, a few materials have been inserted to produce the pearl. Lots of people are occupied in the pearl culturing business.

Genuine pearl which is created by nature takes several years to generate and merely a few mollusks can produce it. Sometimes natural pearls don’t become the ultimate one with the standard size and shape which is required for ornaments. This is why pearls are artificially produced to meet the demand. Pearl is actually available in all sorts of colors starting from chocolate, pink, yellow to black and other sweet colors. Multicolor Pearl ornaments make an exclusive, gorgeous and reasonably priced gift with true emotion behind it. This gem got very popular in the 19th century and was included in clothing too.





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Pool Wall Skimmer and Skimmer Parts: Pool Care Equipments

Pool Wall Skimmer and Skimmer Parts: Pool Care Equipments


One of the most vital pool accessories, swimming pool skimmers serve to remove debris from your pool so that the water is clean and enticing. Pool skimmers are important for both above ground and in-ground pools and are installed near the surface of your pool to catch floating debris before it sinks to the bottom of your pool. Typically, pool skimmer parts include a basket, a lid, and an open channel through which water flows. Whether you’re looking for an above ground pool skimmer or an in-ground pool skimmer is very important as they are not the same. Above-ground pool skimmers have a faceplate and they are installed in the wall of the pool. In-ground pool skimmers are set into the concrete of your pool making them stronger than above ground pool skimmers but also more difficult to replace.

 Pool skimmers for above ground pools are installed into the wall of your pool by setting the faceplate on the inner portion of the pool and the pool skimmer on the outside of the pool. This means the pool skimmer and the faceplate seal the pool wall and liner between them. Water is then pulled through pool skimmers which also forces debris through the skimmer where it gets collected by pool skimmer baskets. From here, it is the responsibility of the pool owner to empty the pool skimmer basket before debris blocks water from flowing through the skimmer.

 While above ground and in-ground pool skimmers essentially serve the same function, they are installed in different ways and they are more likely to leak. Because pool skimmer parts are usually constructed of plastic, in-ground pool owners may notice that their pool skimmers sometimes spring leaks. Concrete is quite heavy and plastic pool skimmers cannot always stand up to the pressure created by the heavy construction of in-ground pools. Regardless, pool skimmers are your pool’s first defense against dirty water and are extremely important for removing debris and maintaining the clarity of your water. Swimming pool skimmers are definitely a must have for both in-ground and above ground pools and should be purchased along with your new pool. 

Here are few examples of replacement parts for skimmers: 

1. 5-inch Wide mouth I/G Skimmer

2. Critter Skimmer

3. Hayward 1.5 inch I/G Auto-Skim Skimmer for Concrete Pools

4. Hayward 2-inch In-Ground Skimmer

5. Hayward 2-inch In-Ground Skimmer

6. Hayward Skimmer Vacuum Plate


* You can search this Skimmer parts on internet for more details, this will make you fully understand how they look like and their respective uses. 

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Healthy Food Tips for Christmas Parties

Tis the season to be happy additionally to put on undesirable weight! To help you stay fit as a fiddle through the senseless season we’ll be sharing our tips on staying solid at Christmas. To begin with up, 12WBT’s Nourishment Lead Georgie Moore offers her main 5 tips to maintain a strategic distance from Christmas party pitfalls.

Alarming yet genuine tips from G & D events: the normal grown-up will increase two kilograms over the Christmas break. Consider it like this. That implies you could leave the senseless season conveying what might as well be called a large portion of a little Christmas ham with you!

Occasion weight increase isn’t inescapable On the off chance that you have a blueprint for the season. So before you wear your reindeer tusks and heels, read my main 5 tips for staying solid at Christmas parties:

Express profound gratitude However Not this time!

Welcomes are flying resolute however don’t have in the hurricane and acknowledge each end of year gathering welcome that comes around. There’s in no way like an exhausting gathering to make them go after more greasy finger nourishments and calorie-loaded mixed beverages! RSVP just to the occasions that are essential or you are prone to appreciate and let the others go.

Be Arranged, Have an Arrangement

Mixed drink party nourishment is by and large greasy and unsuitable so eat something before you go – a serving of mixed greens, light supper, or even a protein shake. You won’t arrive starving and enticed to eat each nibbly in sight! Before you leave home, choose what number of (if any) canapés you plan to eat. At that point stick as far as possible. You won’t feel denied and you won’t need to confront any blame from sudden abundance calories the following day.

My Mystery Happy Beverage Formula

Make your first drink, and no less than consistently one from that point, a shining mineral water or something else non-alcoholic. Taste it. It’ll help keep you hydrated and off the liquor lined elusive slant that has a tendency to begin when you down that first drink too rapidly. In the event that you are with a companion or accomplice let them realize that when you request a Shining Unique (or whatever code name you think of) you are after a non-mixed beverage. So a Shining Unique may be a vodka, lime and pop without the vodka however that is your minimal mystery! PS. This Shimmering Uncommon dubious is likewise a helpful one on the off chance that you are pregnant and not open about it! These are just some of the tips from G & D events.


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Making the Best Automatic Pool Cleaner Possible

 Making the Best Automatic Pool Cleaner Possible 

Pool cleaners come in a wide array of styles, function and design. They can be programmable or robotic and can be made for a specific type of pool, like an in-ground verse or an above ground pool. Many in-ground types do not work in an above ground pool, and vice versa, so you will need to know what to look when it comes to your pool. 

In general, they all work off of your return pump, but some of the best cleaners need a booster pump to help it scrub and remove the most difficult dirt and debris. The best robotics work off a battery pack and are self-contained with their own brushes and they employ a capture bag that keeps the gunk out of your filtration system.

Choose wisely, and with pool cleaners, the axiom of “you get what you pay for” generally rings true. The most expensive types will be completely automatic, while the least expensive types may be nothing more than an underwater broom that you attach to a tube to manually sweep the pool sides and bottom.

Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

Pressure pool cleaners use the pressure generated by your pool pump, or a dedicated booster pump, to clean the bottom of your pool with a pressurized vacuum, while using jetted water to sweep the sides. They suck up debris from the bottom and deposit all the waste material into a bag, filtering the water as it goes back into the pool. 

Some models work on your pool return line to generate enough suction pressure for the job. However, the more powerful types need an optional booster pump to work effectively, and that will add an additional cost above and beyondthe purchase price of the cleaner itself. Some pools do not need maximum power to keep them clean, so we also considered cleaners that run off of your regular pool pump and don’t need a booster. Here are few examples; 

1. Kreepy Krauly Legend LL505GG Pressure Side Pool Cleaner –will do a great job your pool cleaning chores. Made for in-ground pools only, it has four wheels for stability and features front wheel drive to get it up inclines. The large capacity debris bag keeps it in the water longer before you need to empty the bag and it will do your entire pool in about one to three hours.

2. Zodiac F1 Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Head and Hose Pressure Side Pool Cleaner– it is the least expensive cleaner, but the shape of the unit maximizes the vacuum and jet sweeping action. It comes with an easy to detach filter bag and will clean any pool in three hours or less.